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Experience has taught us that quality products always give the best results and we are proud to be one of the major distributors of Spies Hecker and DuPont paints in Australia.

Spies Hecker are a German based high-tech paint manufacturer supplying quality automotive paint products around the world. Spies Hecker are now part of the much larger DuPont organisation

In addition to solvent based paints, Spies Hecker now have the most advanced water based paint technology - PERMAHYD. Crash Supplies now also stocks the DuPont industrial coatings, Fleetline and NASON.

Many of the staff at Crash Supplies are former tradesmen and as panel beaters or spray painters themselves they are in the best position to give you the right advice and right product for the job.

We sell state of the art body shop equipment - alignment equipment, welders, compressors, safety and spray equipment as well as professional power and air tools.

Akzolux Australia is represented in South Australia by Crash Supplies Pty Ltd. Akzolux distributes and imports in Australia the products of two Italian companies - Ilva Polimeri and Gruppo Gani. Ilva Polimeri are one of the world leaders in timber paints and varnishes whilst Gruppo Gani are at the cutting edge of technology with their visual and tactile effects coatings.

Some of the world famous brands distributed by Crash Supplies:

Spies Hecker- Further information
Highest in German automotive paint technology
Colours, primers, putties, thinners, polishes, 2K, acrylic, water borne, commercial vehicle

Dupont Du Pont - Further Information
Major world wide leading auto and industrial paint manufacturers.

3M - Further information
Adhesives and Sealants
Polishes and Compunds
Health & Safety

               GYS GYS - Further Information
Made in France, these welding products are world leading technology.

  Atlas - Further Information
One of Italy's leading manufacturers of body straightening equipment

Ilva Polimeri forms part of the chemical group I.V.M. Industrie Vernici Milano, the European leader and among the most important producers in the world of varnishes and paints for wood.

The range included cellulose lacquers, polyurethanes, polyesters, and UV curing products for wood coating.

Gruppo Gani produces multipurpose paints of visual and tactile effect in a wide range of shades for application on any surface. Their research and development is involved in identifying the full application potential of paints offering solutions to a large variety of industrial fields.
Including original equipment manufacture (O.E.M)

Professional spray equipment

Rupes - Further information
Italian power tools and dust extraction - leaders in the automotive field

Pumps and Rams and general pulling equipment

Autorobot - Further information
Measuring systems for body realignment

KH - Further information
Body fillers, sealant's, protective coatings - Made in Australia

Duramix - Further information
Plastic repair products - don't throw plastic parts away - repair them

Sundstrom - Further information
The very best in Swedish safety - eyewear, masks, hoods

SIKA - Further information
Switzerland sealant's and adhesives

Vinyl paints - Yes we can mix and match to your colour requirements

Sykes Pickavant
Hammers, dollies and other hand tools from the UK. The very best quality in the world.

Infra Red - Further information
Shortwave infra red dryers. Dura bake systems. IR Globes

Booster Pac - Further information
Rechargeable battery pack for restarting engines even portable welding capabilities, run a TV, lighting. Ideal for caryards, farmers, boating and camping.

U-POL - Further information
Very high quality automotive refinish products including a comprehensive range of bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives, tools and ancillaries.

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Painting Accessories

All Colours, primers, clear, polish, thinner, tyre paint, chassis black, pressure packs, protective coatings, vinyl paint, plastic coatings, touch up brushes, dagger liners, dewaxers, plastic and rubber cleaner, vinyl restorers, glass cleaner, fishoil and hand cleaner.

Welders Inverter and MIG Welders.  Plasma cutters, dent pullers, aluminium welders and solvent recyclers.


Clips, screws, drill bits, clamps, air line fittings, wire brushes and wheels, vice grips, tin snips, slide hammers, door pin removers, tape measures, putty knives, rubbing blocks, hand cleaners, lead/solder, file boards, mig wire, disposable overalls, sound deadening sheets, masking paper and jack stands.

and Sealants

Body fillers, fibreglass, body deadener, spray and brush on schutz, windscreen sealant, silicon seal and lead wipe.


Chux, Roar, Sontara, cheesecloth, rag in bags and rolls, chamois, sponges, tak rags, steel wool, polishing buff pads, plastic car seat covers, car poly rolls and wheel covers.

Air and Power
Tools and Equipment

Drills, polishers, sanders, chisels, vacuum cleaners, blow heaters, transformers, compressors, air regulators, air dryers, heat lamps, infra red lamps, Easy Beaters, battery charges, rechargeable Booster Pac, welders and gun wash machines.


Face masks, hoods, goggles, breathing apparatus, acid resistant gloves, plastic gloves, welding and safety eyewear, filters, latex gloves and welding blankets.

Spray Equipment

Putty guns, HVLP spray guns, kero guns, spray booth filter cut to size, air hose, suction guns and 2k guns.


Cut sheets dry rub and wet rub, stikits, velcro stikits (also with holes for dust extraction), production sheets and rolls and scotchbrite.


Masking tapes, double sided tapes, pin striping tape, aluminium tape, adhesive transfer tape, fine line tape and plastic tape.

Timber Coatings

Clears, coloured coatings, reducers, waxes and oils, sanding sealers, undercoats, stains, stripper for industrial applications. Also available are; bulk quanitities, technical backup and colour matching services.


Visual and tactile effect paints offering a sensational range of colours and effects for application on any surface in many industrial architectural and designer fields.

Anti Graffiti Made by dupont the imron E2 system is a protective, easy clean shield against the ravages of the modern world, for industrial, architectural and heavy duty transportation applications.
It is also a heavy duty non sacrificial anti graffiti system which includes a safe economical and environmentally friendly graffiti remover.


For more detailed information, email us or contact us by Fax Free: 1800 629 090, Phone Toll Free: 1800 180 072